THE LAST REFLECTION…        I hadn’t any idea about



        I hadn’t any idea about the CALL course  when I decided to take it . I supposed it was easy but at first I get forced . I couldn’t understand and also the class was so crowded. Therefore, I was afraid of this course,and I thought that  I shouldn’t have taken this course, but then I started to uderstand in time. I learned the usage of many useful tools on the internet. I did many useful and amusing materials such as; digital storytelling, story book.

        Especially,CALL is quite important for language classrooms, and It shoud be used by teachers because when we will use them in our classroom the topic is more amusing for children.Thank to this course I have learnt quite important informations. I want to use them in my classroom when I will be an English teacher.J

        Thank you so much SEDAT teacher for everything…


PODCASTThis week teacher mentioned about podcast. He talked



This week teacher mentioned about podcast. He talked about four types of podcast . We can use them for in higher education.Podcasting provides a means of publishing audio programs with the Internet. Users can automatically download podcasts (usually mp3 files) onto their computers and transfer these recordings automatically to portable music players .Users can then listen to the files anytime and anywhere they choose.
There are lots of websites about podcasts and you can listen it anywhere you want freely, but you have to be a member of this website and that is very simple and free.
Then , teacher talked  about Audioboo. It is a website which allows users to post and share sound files. This week, we have a task about Audioboo, we wıll record our voice and we wıll publish it on the l think it is so useful for students and teachers.

WEB SITETeacher  talked about our final homework this



Teacher  talked about our final homework this week. We will prepare a web site. Then teacher showed us and we applied after him. Teacher said that web site is so benefical for teachers and students that they can interact with web site easily. I think that a classroom web site is helpful tool for teacher and students. It simplifies the communication between them. Also teacher can get feedback about the classroom. Then teacher talked about second life.  lt is a three dimensional  modelling tool based on simple geometric shapes that allows residents to build virtual objects. When you start use it you have a second life.


TENTH WEEKTeacher mentioned digital storytelling and story book



Teacher mentioned digital storytelling and story book this week. Digital story telling is so useful  for learners that any teacher should use it in their classroom. Also he talked about making of the digital storytelling. lt is made by movie maker program.Then he talked about story book. Storybook is a free novel-writing software for creative writers, novelists and can be used for educational purposes in language classrooms.



Teacher mentioned online classroom and  wiziq. Classroom online can be make with the wiziq. Wiziq can be used by everyone at the same time. For example in a classroom teacher gives the permision any students and then they can use it. Also you can send message. It has a whiteboard learners can write or drive everything on it. It is a powerful tool for collaborative online teaching and makes online teaching and learning easier for everyone.


Teacher talked about online classroom,nicenet and dokeos. Dokeos is an e-learning and course management web application.It allows users to track students’ time and progress, assess learning, upload documents and templates, and manage users. It is especially useful for organizing study groups and video conferences; creating graphic organizers like mind maps; and making podcasts, tests, quizzes and other assessment tools. Instructors can use these tools to encourage students to work together and think critically in order to maximize their involvement and learning. Nicenet is one of many web-based learning management systems.Teacher create a new class in nicenet and teacher can work with students.